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Saturday, August 17, 2013

What is a party box? Well a party box is basically a box made out of card that has a handle so it can be carried easily. For those familiar with McDonald's Happy Meal boxes, the construction is very similar.

These style of boxes have become very popular for children's parties and often replaces the need for disposable plates. They are available to buy in many different themes, such as Jungle, Pirate and Fairy designs and you can get them in lots of plain solid colors too. Plain color boxes are ideal as they co-ordinate well with many different party themes.

Party boxes can either be used as food boxes at the party or as an alternative to party bags at home time.

Using them as food boxes:

This is ideal for younger children as it is much easier for them to manage and prevents any accidents like food rolling off paper bags! Also if you know of any child's dietary requirements prior to the party, you can prepare the relevant food and label the party box so the child doesn't end up eating anything they shouldn't. You should easily be able to fill each party box with a sandwich or finger food, small carton of drink, packet of snacks or some treats. If you are preparing hot food like Pizza slices or Fish Fingers, just place a small piece of grease proof paper in the box first to soak up any oils.

Many people who have parties at home, often don't have enough space to layout a table and chairs, especially if you have invited your child's entire class at school. Getting the children to sit around in a big circle on the floor is the easiest option and it is much better to then give each child a food box rather than paper plates which can be difficult to balance on their laps. Also you then don't have to worry about laying all the food on a table. If someone wants more sandwiches or pizza for example you could always keep a tray aside and top up their boxes. Children love the idea of receiving their own individual box and are actually more likely to eat the contents!

Using them as a Party Bag alternative:

Party boxes are ideal to fill with party bag fillers and gifts. You can even add a slice of cake or a cupcake without it getting squashed and it makes it much easier for kids to carry everything home. At the party, children could even decorate their own box. Buy plain coloured boxes and set a table with lots of art and craft materials such as pens, foam stickers, paper and glue. This would certainly keep them entertained for a while at least. Once they have finished their boxes and written their names on them, you can then fill each box ready for home time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A a great thrifty storage solution is to make your own DIY storage boxes. Decorative boxes are wonderful accessories in any space, whether displayed on a bookshelf or corralling office supplies and photos. Not only are they functional, they are a perfect way to add extra color and pattern to a room. Decorative boxes can be very expensive, but you can create your own paper storage boxes for a fraction of the cost. Simply save shoe boxes or any other old boxes you come across that are in good shape. You can also buy unfinished decoupage boxes at any craft store for a reasonable price.

DIY Storage Box Instructions

Materials Needed: box, decorative paper, double stick tape, double-fold bias tape, fabric glue, scissors, paper cutter

1. Measure each side of the box and cut your paper to size with a paper cutter.

2. Attach the paper to each side using double stick tape. You can use glue, but the tape works great and is less messy.

The edges will look unfinished because it is difficult to cut the paper perfectly. The double fold bias tape will cover all the edges and give you a clean and finished look. You can find bias tape at any fabric store and there are tons of color choices. Double fold works best for the box edges because it is already creased. It goes on much easier than the single fold.

3. Measure each edge length and cut the bias tape to size.

4. Place a thin coat of fabric glue along the edge of the box and then press the bias tape into place.

These DIY storage boxes are the perfect thrifty storage solution for anyone on a budget. They are very easy to make and can be personalized to fit your own unique style and personality.

You already know that paper bags come from trees. Those that do not have fabric shopping bags and that do not like to use the plastic variety always ask for paper. Not only are these more sturdy in some cases, they are one hundred percent recyclable. If you want to use more paper than plastic in your business, you have made a good choice. You can get promotional bags that have your company name on them, or some other feel good picture or phrase to help your customers remember who you are and what you stand for as a company. You don't have to offer plastic at all if you don't want to.

Brown promotional paper bags are nothing more than your standard paper bag with something printed on them. Most companies use their company name and a logo, and some have other useful tidbits like the physical address of their company or a web address that a customer can visit for shopping, sales information, or other neat things that can help them. Though not everyone looks at their bags very often, most save them to be used over and over again. Your name will pop up every time they dig through their bags.

Choose the right type of paper bag when you decide that you would like to use promotional paper bags. There are some that are quite thin, but should only be used when the products that you have to offer are rather light. If you have a clothing store, for example, these can be just fine. Otherwise, you are going to have to double them. Instead, get high grade thicker paper bags. You can get them as simple brown bags or you can get the white type with handles. What works for you and your image is up to you.

You can obviously get more exposure with white bags that have handles because your company name is going to show up better than it would on brown bags. For some reason, however, people tend to save brown paper bags more often than they save other types. You may have to decide on not only your budget, but also the size of your product. If you have a restaurant and you send home leftovers with your guests, you may have to get promotional bags that are much bigger than your standard brown bag. You have to think about budget, but the bags have to be functional and make sense for your business.

Promotional paper bags are not the answer for all businesses. If you sell the reusable fabric bags, you may not think too hard about your paper bags. However, no matter how many people buy your fabric bags, you are always going to have people that need to have paper bags when they come into your store. If you are going to have bags, you may as well get ones that people feel better about using and ones that allow you to advertise your business all in one shot. This type of advertisement is rather inexpensive but about the best that you can get for such a low price.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Paper Storage Box
If you are one of those people who have piles of paperwork stacked up on your desk at work or maybe at home, then you will definitely benefit from having paper storage boxes. They are designed to give you a complete filing system without the need to have heavy duty metal filing cabinets. Most of these storage boxes have separate compartments or shelves so that you can easily store all your bills, invoices and other important files in a very accessible way.

Many of the storage boxes that are used store paper are made from cardboard. The cardboard storage units provide an environmentally friendly and lightweight facility for you to organize your paperwork into. Some of the storage boxes are made from wood or metal to ensure that they are more durable and long lasting.

Paper storage units are generally oblong shaped and big enough to fit A3 or A4 pieces of paper. Many of these boxes have shelves inside them so that the paper can be separated and organized appropriately, although you can use a standard box without compartments to store all your paper.

Because the boxes that are used to store paper in are generally made from cardboard, they then to be brown or white. However, cardboard is easy to style, so if you find the storage unit a bit boring then add some color to jazz it up a little. You could even attach your favorite photos to the outside of the box, to add personality to it.

By now you are probably wondering where you can buy these wonderful storage units, well the answer is simple; from office supply stores or online. Online shopping is by far the best way to purchase storage boxes for paper because it offers the easiest and widest choice of suppliers at the simple click of a button. By going online you might also be able to pick up a few bargains that you might not have found in the stores!

Paper storage boxes are quite possibly the best and easiest way to store all those loose bits of paper that we are all guilty of having lying around. If you know someone who doesn't have piles of paperwork, then they probably have a few storage boxes for their paper and they haven't let you in on the secret yet. So free yourself from the endless piles of paperwork and put them in a proper storage unit.
Paper Jewelry Box
A jewelry box can be a special gift that will last a lifetime. People have been wearing jewelry for literally thousands of years and jewelry boxes are needed to store this jewelry. Some of these boxes are kept for generations and handed down to family members as gifts. Many of these are antiques that were handmade and are worth lots of money. But other times, you may need to actually buy a jewelry box for your little girl at Christmas or on a special occasion.

When shopping for a jewelry box you will need to know what interests that the child has. There are many different styles and themes of jewelry boxes available with some of the more popular being ballerina's, horses, dolphins or Disney characters. Another option is just getting a traditional wooden jewelry box depending again on what your child's interests are. My daughter is a horse lover so I had an easy decision to make when I got her first jewelry box.

Also, you want to make sure that you get something that is of decent quality. I have heard of people who buy a jewelry box that is of cheap quality and then it falls apart in six months. This is definitely not good as children can become attached to their wholesale jewelry boxes and will be devastated to have to get rid of it. You can actually get a good quality jewelry box for under $50 if you do your research.

You can also spend hundreds of dollars on a jewelry box that is unique or handmade. Music boxes will also be more expensive and must be carefully chosen. If you are looking for a music jewelry box, I would recommend getting something that is of high quality because they have more moving parts and have a tendency to wear out. Small children also can be a little rough when they play so you want to get something that is going to be durable.

You will have no shortage of choices as new designs and styles are being released all of the time. There are many good stores on the internet where you can find a huge selection of jewelry boxes at very reasonable prices. If you want a handmade paper boxes, you may have to look for a specialty store that sells these from makers throughout the world. Whatever you decide, a good jewelry box is something that can be enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jewelry is a popular choice for gifting on occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries and the like. Much attention is paid to how a gift looks on the outside. It should be such that it brings an exclamation of joy to the lips of the recipient. Exquisite jewelry pieces can be complemented with beautiful jewelry boxes.

Retailers beware of providing well made jewelry boxes to their customers. This ensures that the boxes do not rule once the jewelry is removed. People have a tendency to cling to the good looking and reuse them in one way or another.

Jewelry boxes are used for individual pieces of jewelry retailers. Customers always have home jewelry housed in cute jewelry boxes. Retailers often get these boxes custom made with your store name printed on these boxes. It is always cheaper to get these things done in large quantities. So retail jewelers, keeping the cost factor in mind buy boxes wholesale jewelry.

Boxes of a different standard sizes are obtained from the wholesale price. If the lot size to justify, distributor of jewelry boxes wholesale "has names and logos printed on them for free. Values For lots of smaller boxes wholesale jewelry is the same for small fee.

Well packaged goods show a touch of class and professionalism. So jewelery resellers always keep a stock of jewelry boxes that source wholesale suppliers of jewelry box. Certain designs and standard sizes are always available with distributors wholesale jewelry boxes. Orders are taken for specific sizes and designs jewelry boxes for certain retailers and then supply them.

Friday, March 1, 2013

If you shop around, there will be many options for viewing, both in regional stores and sites that are spread in the Internet experience. This very well when it comes to presenting paper, unique products that are made to your needs and provides wrap provides appropriate for your family, friends, and really like beings. The truth is there are many styles, colors and shapes to choose from. Of course, you really get your start spinning go wrong especially when you shop for these wrappers

In some nations around the world, some producers are engaged in a wide range of present paper. This is fantastic for people who buy worldwide today, and which are given power to choose something that fits your needs, your preferences and preferences. However, it is essential for clients to improve their choices regularly so you can have current styles and style for today.

Staying modified to help a customer know what styles are present in this season and what is not yet. Take note that a lot of styles that once become a hip last season, but have come to complete this season. As long as these trays are so well known, is also very essential to change the styles of containers based on the type of offers or provides will give a particular event.

The reality is that there is no feeling of being so hard and difficult when it comes to buying for the packaging and containers for their carefully selected offers. There are guidelines and recommendations to adhere to for you to have the best and fantastic types of wraps and containers for supplies. Here they are:

Boxes should be ideal for the occasion

For example, if you intend to be present at the celebration of a child, you should not provide a gift box with a dark color. Choose something that costume is a child's sex and age. If a picture is too simple, improve the look of it with fabric, lace and silk to make it look more elegant and attractive.

Choose the right size

Unless you want to have a hassle, it's best to choose a box that completely matches the size of your present. Always ask for the "box size so that you will be able to get an ideal fit for your gift.

Buy in bulk by the

Take note that when you buy by the huge, you will always offer the best price. This is the best part to consider when you are part of a long list of people who will return provides.

Choose a major supplier

When it comes to appearance paper containers, paper packing boxes, always recommended to select the best supplier around. Impressive paper gift boxes